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  • G03B
  • APPARATUS OR ARRANGEMENTS FOR TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS OR FOR PROJECTING OR VIEWING THEM; APPARATUS OR ARRANGEMENTS EMPLOYING ANALOGOUS TECHNIQUES USING WAVES OTHER THAN OPTICAL WAVES; ACCESSORIES THEREFOR (optical parts of such apparatus G02B; photosensitive materials or processes for photographic purposes G03C; apparatus for processing exposed photographic materials G03D)[4]
  • G03C
  • PHOTOSENSITIVE MATERIALS FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC PURPOSES; PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESSES, e.g. CINE, X-RAY, COLOUR OR STEREO-PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESSES; AUXILIARY PROCESSES IN PHOTOGRAPHY (photographic processes characterised by the use or manipulation of apparatus classifiable per se in subclass G03B, seeG03B)
  • G03D
  • G03F
  • PHOTOMECHANICAL PRODUCTION OF TEXTURED OR PATTERNED SURFACES, e.g. FOR PRINTING, FOR PROCESSING OF SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES; MATERIALS THEREFOR; ORIGINALS THEREFOR; APPARATUS SPECIALLY ADAPTED THEREFOR (phototypographic composing devices B41B; photosensitive materials or processes for photographic purposes G03C; electrography, sensitive layers or processes G03G)
  • G03G
  • ELECTROGRAPHY; ELECTROPHOTOGRAPHY; MAGNETOGRAPHY (information storage based on relative movement between record carrier and transducer G11B; static stores with means for writing-in or reading-out information G11C; recording of television signals H04N 5/76)
  • G03H
  • HOLOGRAPHIC PROCESSES OR APPARATUS (holograms, e.g. point holograms, used as ordinary optical elements G02B 5/32; analogue computers performing mathematical operations with the aid of optical elements G06E 3/00; holographic storage G11B 7/0065, G11C 13/04)[2]