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  • G05B
  • CONTROL OR REGULATING SYSTEMS IN GENERAL; FUNCTIONAL ELEMENTS OF SUCH SYSTEMS; MONITORING OR TESTING ARRANGEMENTS FOR SUCH SYSTEMS OR ELEMENTS (fluid-pressure actuators or systems acting by means of fluids in general F15B; valves per seF16K; characterised by mechanical features only G05G; sensitive elements, see the appropriate subclasses, e.g. G12B, subclasses of G01, H01; correcting units, see the appropriate subclasses, e.g. H02K)
  • G05D
  • G05F
  • SYSTEMS FOR REGULATING ELECTRIC OR MAGNETIC VARIABLES (regulating the timing or recurrence frequency of pulses in radar or radio navigation systems G01S; regulation of current or voltage, specially adapted for use in electronic time-pieces G04G 19/02; closed-loop systems for regulating non-electric variables by electric means G05D; regulating power supply of digital computers G06F 1/26; for obtaining desired operating characteristics of electromagnets with armatures H01F 7/18; regulating electric power distribution networks H02J; regulating the charging of batteries H02J 7/00; regulating of the output of static converters, e.g. switching regulators, H02M; regulation of the output of electric generators H02N, H02P 9/00; controlling transformers, reactors or choke coils H02P 13/00; regulating frequency response, gain, maximum output, amplitude or bandwidth of amplifiers H03G; regulating tuning of resonant circuits H03J; controlling generators of electronic oscillations or pulses H03L; regulating characteristics of transmission lines H04B; controlling electric light sources H05B 39/04, H05B 41/36, H05B 45/10, H05B 45/20, H05B 47/10; electric control of X-ray apparatus H05G 1/30)[4,5]
  • G05G
  • CONTROL DEVICES OR SYSTEMS INSOFAR AS CHARACTERISED BY MECHANICAL FEATURES ONLY ("Bowden" or like mechanisms F16C 1/10; gearings or mechanisms not peculiar to this purpose F16H; speed changing or reversing mechanisms for gearings conveying rotary motion F16H 59/00-F16H 63/00)