The coverage of available documents is as follows.

Domestic Gazette 2021/10/11 Close -
Document Types Coverage Range Latest Date
Design gazette(S) 0000001 1697050 2021/9/24
Disagreed consultation on design application 1999-000148 2020-500329

* Some items in the retrievable coverage cannot be retrieved.
* You can retrieve design gazettes issued since January 2000.
Similar numbers are not shown for the above retrievable coverage.

Publication Material 2020/03/20 Close -
Material Classification Coverage Range
Domestic journal HA0100000100 HA3104009000
Foreign journal HB0100000100 HB3104000800
Domestic catalog HC0100000100 HC3160043800
International catalog HD0100000100 HD3104000900
Internet information HJ1400000100 HJ3117208300
New product catalog HN0500000100 HN3100128300

Foreign Gazettes 2021/07/21 Close -
Material Classification Coverage Range
Foreign material HH1450000000 RH0342424000