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    This class covers :[2011.01]
      simulators which are concerned with the mathematics of computing the existing or anticipated conditions within the real device or system;simulators which demonstrate, by means involving computing, the function of apparatus or of a system, if no provision exists elsewhere;image data processing or generation.
    This class does not cover :
      combinations of writing implements with computing devices, which are covered by group B43K 29/08;control functions derived from simulators, in general, which are covered by class G05, although such functions may be covered by the subclass of this class for the device controlled;measurement or analysis of an individual variable to serve as an input to a simulator, which is covered by class G01;simulators regarded as teaching or training devices which is the case if they give perceptible sensations having a likeness to the sensations a student would experience in reality in response to actions taken by him. Such simulators are covered by class G09;components of simulators, if identical with real devices or machines, which are covered by the relevant subclass for these devices or machines and not by class G09.
    In this class, the following terms or expressions are used with the meanings indicated:
      "data" is used as the synonym of "information". Therefore, the term "information" is not used in subclass G06C;"ICT [information and communication technology]" also covers "IT [information technology]";"calculating or computing" includes, inter alia, operations on numerical values and on data expressed in numerical form. Of these terms "computing" is used throughout the class; "computation" is derived from this interpretation of "computing". In the French language the term "calcul" will serve for either term;"simulator" is a device which may use the same time scale as the real device or operate on an expanded or compressed time scale. In interpreting this term models of real devices to reduced or expanded scales are not regarded as simulators;"record carrier" means a body, such as a cylinder, disc, card, tape, or wire, capable of permanently holding information, which can be read-off by a sensing element movable relative to the recorded information.
    Attention is drawn to the Notes following the title of section G, especially as regards the definition of the term "variable".